New Offerings

Welcome! I’m glad you found your way here. My hope for these offerings would be that they find their way to an audience that may find them helpful. I have found these tools useful in my own journey. Hopefully, they will help you discover a meditation practice that you feel drawn to explore.

When I began my meditation practice, I felt frustrated, and it was a bit of a struggle. I felt I was doing everything wrong while surrounded by a group of individuals who seemed like they had been doing it “perfectly.” I discovered that it helped me to do a yoga practice before formally “sitting,” but even then… whew, it was tough. As I started exploring more on my own, I realized there is a whole other world available with varying ways to approach meditation, bringing their own benefit while still helping me develop a calm awareness and settling my nervous system.

I eventually developed a nightly routine with a guided meditation that I listened to every night to help put me to sleep. I explored binaural beats as a back-drop for my meditation when I didn’t want silence. As my needs changed, I gave myself permission to adapt my practice to fit.

Below are the links to the beginnings of my “perfectly imperfect” offerings through YouTube. The body scans and smile meditations are some of my sister’s favorites; I hope you’ll enjoy them too! As I continue to release a variety of styles, I encourage you to be playful and open-minded with your exploration. I’m happy to be a safe place on your journey; so please feel free to reach out with questions, share your experiences, or request a specific offering not currently seen. In the meantime, be well!

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash