Mentorship Programs

I absolutely love it that there are so many free resources and offerings around mind-body work these days. I also recognize that developing a practice can be overwhelming at times, especially as we delve deeper into the life work that often accompanies the journey.

Understanding my own personal evolution and exploration of the work, I know how much of a benefit it has been to have a person more experienced to help with the integration as life begins to show up differently. When I first started my own practice, it was nice to have a mentor to help me understand some of the shifts that started happening in my life [and body]. In fact, as my needs continue to evolve, I still occasionally bring in a partner on my adventure as a safe place for my growth.

My background in nursing, along with a passion for holistic and lifestyle medicine, has provided an opportunity to work with various individuals. My clients tend to be individuals with specialized health needs or caregivers and/or in a place of transition due to significant life changes.

Most of my clients have never been in a formal class and often times feel out of place or not connected to the commercialization and glamorization of these teachings here in the west. My message to all of them is clear, “there is no magic wand.” The practices will take us on a journey, there will be challenging parts and, if you show up for the work, you will get through them. This is where a good mentor comes in! The support received and the encouragement provided is an empowering touchstone for your journey.

I’ve personally had a significant transformation with all aspects of my life and continue to do so after nearly ten years of study. I’m a 200 hour registered yoga instructor with specialized training in yin yoga. My background in nursing brings another level of security and compassion for those who choose to work with me.

If you’re considering taking the next steps in your own journey and are interested in learning more about my mentorship offerings- I encourage you to set up a 30-minute complimentary call.

What is our Community is saying...

What an incredible teacher you are! Feeling very blessed to be your student... ~ Client

“Sara’s positive outlook on life is contagious and she brought comfort & balance to our grief. We were lucky that she came into our lives when we most needed her capable, take-charge attitude.” ~ Client

“Sara is the advocate you would want if you were hospitalized. She performs at an expert level, has an intuitive nature & responds appropriately to any crisis. Sara is organized, detail-oriented & follows through with any issue that needs her attention.”  ~ Colleague

“We were fortunate to have Sara to help guide us through the emotional turmoil, to lend support, to take care of details, to be there for anything that was needed.”  ~ Client

“Sara is a special woman & nurse. She has a spunky personality & endless energy. It is unlikely that many would describe her nursing care as ordinary or traditional, but she practices with traditional caring values of nursing - providing comfort, coping, dignity, empathy, empowerment& humor. She is creative & dedicated to her calling. Sara is a model nurse in the truest sense.” ~ Colleague

“Sara has innovative & unique thinking!!! She takes the time to understand the challenge & brings a team together to reimagine the possibilities. I love her calm approach & long-term thinking to solving problems… If you are at all stuck and want to step back to see the bigger picture, take Sara with you on your journey, you will be sure to see something in a new way!!”  ~  Client

“Not only have you amazed me.  You have charmed my entire family.  Words cannot express my gratitude."  ~ Client

"Thank you so much Sara! There are no words for my gratitude to you for getting my parents safely from one chapter to their new chapter in Virginia! The peace of mind is unlike anything I've ever had... ever. Please enjoy the rest of your week and know that you changed our lives... thank you. Hope you can get some rest yourself now!" ~ Client