Sara Schmidt

Founder, Chief of Staff
at Heart Shaped Carrots

I learned at an early age that family didn’t always mean blood relatives. I also learned early in my nursing career that the system didn’t always support humanity. So after a decade of clinical experience in academic environments witnessing a tremendous amount of human suffering, I decided to transition to the larger system in an effort to help.

There is so much beautiful work being done in the healthcare space to advance clinical outcomes and, yet, there is still so much room for enhanced quality of life for both the patient and their families. After spending almost another decade in national healthcare quality improvement, policy & non-profit work, and obtaining my MBA in Strategic Leadership, I’ve become a specialist as a quality of life practitioner regardless of the scale of work.

Beginning S² Life was my way of contributing my complete self and offerings to the world. This included using the strengths I gained through my own heartache and intentionality with building resiliency. I’m grateful for the growing community of individuals, families, and businesses with an emphasis on mindfulness and recognizing beauty as a value. 

Heart Shaped Carrots evolved as a means of communicating how the little things matter in everything we do. It was no longer about what I could offer behind the scenes; rather how we can embrace making the most of these moments we have while lifting each other up in this thing called life.


MBA in Strategic Leadership

Bachelor of Science of Nursing

Registered Yoga Teacher


Project Management

Public Speaking

Private Consultant