The Courage to Continue

A few months ago, I attended a @healthaffairs webinar featuring @maninderkahlon and the work being done to address social determinants of health. The facilitator was lovely and asked Maninder how someone with her background wound up in this role. It was refreshing to hear her poised yet lively response that she “followed her heart in … Read more

New Offerings

Welcome! I’m glad you found your way here. My hope for these offerings would be that they find their way to an audience that may find them helpful. I have found these tools useful in my own journey. Hopefully, they will help you discover a meditation practice that you feel drawn to explore. When I … Read more

Love Everywhere

Once upon a time there was a girl who despised hearts… Oh those small, seemingly inconsequential moments over time… I now think of them in relation to positivity and resiliency. Back then, it was allowing individuals and my own choices to strip me of my joy before ultimately leaving me with little left. Admittedly, I … Read more